Should Someone Pay for the Unique Experience of You?

It depends. Are you actually unique?

K18 hand plane
You’re looking at a custom woodworking hand plane that sells for over $5,500.00 CDN.

Yes, over $5K. Not the typical $20-$200 for a plane you would buy at The Home Depot.

This is a story about finding your niche and hyper-targeting people who are willing to pay almost anything for what you have to offer. If you are an employee and think that this doesn’t apply to you because you have no interest in entrepreneurship, running your own business, or creating your own products, think again.

I met this craftsman. I actually used some of his planes. They are truly amazing. I pushed off a curl of wood that was so thin that I could almost see through it.

He is a true artisan. He meticulously makes every component of these planes. And, believe it or not, people from all over the world pay a pretty penny for them. He can’t keep up.

He’s a talented woodworker too. So it started with him wanting a better plane for himself. Most planes just aren’t that great and they fall out of adjustment quickly. Isn’t that how inspiration struck many an innovator; wanting to scratch your own itch?

So he set out to make his own. He showed it to a friend, who also wanted a custom one made to fit his hand.

Long story short, he went from barely getting by as a furniture maker to his premium-priced planes being in demand globally.

Read this post and tell me he isn’t passionate about his craft.

My lesson from this?

Make the “Product of You” uniquely about what only you can do. Hone your craft to a point of expertise that few, if any, can match. Resist the urge to be all things to all people. Embrace your authenticity and bring who you really are to your role.

This isn’t just advice for entrepreneurs and business owners. This applies strongly to employees as well. For every job opening at a great company, there are hundreds of people (sometimes thousands) competing with you for that position. For every promotion available, you are competing with your colleagues who want to advance their careers as well. A manager can’t give everyone an amazing raise or bonus every year. Be you, stand out, and produce amazing results, so that you’re on that short list.

Rise above the noise and the masses of the “Me too” people

Remember, no one can literally be you. No one can copy “You”. Double down on that.

There will be people who love who you are. There will be people who don’t. And that is exactly what you want. You don’t want people to feel neutral about you.

Being “Eh… ok” isn’t good enough. Aim for the love, accept the hate, and know that your uniqueness will be what sets you apart, maximizes your lifetime earning potentialand sets you on the path for a career that matters.

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