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Designing for Love and Money – Fluxible 2013

Virtuous cycle of love and money

In this talk, Larry explores the battle between love and money as it applies to products, organizations, and even our own careers. Over the past 20 years, Larry has developed strategies to deal with this problem, both as an individual contributor and as an organizational leader. Regardless of where you happen to work, or in what context, it’s an unavoidable issue that every designer must face and resolve.

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Designing for Love and Money

From a Design Talk at Airbnb on Nov 14, 2012. Larry Cornett explored the natural tension that exists between design and money as it applies to products, organizations, and even your own career.  

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Have a few mins? Please take the Brilliant Forge 2012 Designer Survey

  There are 10 questions total. Please feel free to share this link with the other designers you know. The more data, the better! I’ll report the results in a few weeks. Thanks! [button link=”″ size=”large” style=”note” color=”orange”]2012 Designer Survey[/button]    

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Tip for Startup Founders: It Isn't 1999

I lived through the infamous Dot-com Bubble. I was at a startup in 1998, that went through the usual ups and downs and up again. Then I founded a design consultancy (for some stability, believe it or not) and advised a number of small and medium-sized startups in Silicon Valley for several years (before eventually…

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