Shoshin Project Video Interview with Larry Cornett: Search Should Beware of Social Media

Image of Larry Cornett - Shoshin Project interview December 2010I was in NYC last week and had the pleasure of speaking with the folks from The Shoshin Project about the current trends within the Tech industry. Specifically, we talked a lot about the impact of social media and how it could potential disrupt traditional information retrieval (i.e., Web Search). I believe that social media’s popularity and technology may push aside traditional search by helping users tame the information overload beast that the “stream” has become.

One quote from me during the interview:

“Just like Google managed the complexity of the web in saying, ‘Yes, there are millions if not billions of documents, we’ll help you find the one you’re looking for,’ whoever invests in the technology and delivers the ability to harvest from the ‘stream’ is going to be the next big winner.”

Video from the interview:

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