People don't engage with logos

If you run a small business or startup, you may be guilty of this mistake that I’ve made. We’re excited about creating a new brand and building out a business, so we set up this independent entity from our own personal brand. A logo instead of our face on every social media profile. Using the royal “we” instead of saying “I”.

I’ve done that for years with each business that I’ve started. In some cases, it makes sense. With my Voicekick startup, it isn’t just me. We are a team, so it doesn’t make sense to plaster my face and personal brand all over it. But, with Brilliant Forge it IS me. So, now, I’m trying to rewind and rebrand the company with my personal brand. Putting my face on the social profiles. Speaking in the first person. Connecting personally with people on social media. Being me on my Facebook business page.

Let me tell you, it is working much better than my previous usage of social media. People are connecting with me, following me, liking and commenting on my posts, and following Brilliant Forge more than ever before.

When you are a new business or brand, YOU are the brand. People care about and connect with people, not logos. Heck, even mega brands like Apple Computer and Virgin were still tightly tied to the personal brand of the founders, Steve Jobs and Richard Branson.

So, my challenge to you is:

Put yourself out there. Be human, be real, and connect in a meaningful way with people.

I think you will find that people are rooting for you to win, and they will go to amazing lengths to support you when you are authentic.