Learn How to Sustainably Innovate or Be Left Behind – A Free Event on Sep 28th

I will be moderating a panel on Sustainable Innovation on Sep 28th, 1–2 PM PST on Focus.com. It’s free, so check it out and join us!


We are all witnessing an increasing velocity of product and service innovation within the competitive landscape. Creating a sustainable process for successful innovation is now even more critical for corporate survival. Yet, it seems that only nimble startups and a select few larger companies are able to accomplish this. Why is that? Our panelists have experienced innovation success and failure at some of the largest Fortune 500 companies and some of the smallest tech startups. Join our roundtable to find out more about their lessons learned.

We’ll cover such topics as:

  • What differentiates successful innovation from the more typical product evolution?
  • How do you best measure true innovation success vs. failure?
  • How can you best optimize your organization and processes to foster successful innovation?
  • After experiencing many different innovation programs and processes, what actually works?
  • What are the myths of innovation that continue to be pitfalls?

How to Attend

Experience this event live online by visiting the event page up to 15 minutes before the start.
Not going to be online? Call-in:

US Toll-free:  (866) 951-1151
International: (201) 590-2255
Passcode: 4999006

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