Become Your Own Source of Stability

Become your own source of stabilityThis entire election process and transition has been incredibly stressful in the United States.

It has been one of the most divisive elections that I’ve experienced in my lifetime. Friends and families have been torn apart. Angry words flow constantly. Mockery and threats of violence have sadly become commonplace.

But, what I sense more than anything are anxiety and fear.

We don’t know how this will all turn out yet. But people fear that our world will change. The economy might collapse. Our sense of stability will be destroyed.

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But, you should never depend on external factors for your sense of stability.

Crumbling pillars of support

You cannot rely on a few pillars to hold you up, and put the control of those pillars in someone else’s hands.

A company. Your job. The local economy.

These can all change in one day. I’ve been through it. Markets collapse. Jobs disappear. Companies close their doors.

People who are not prepared suffer. People who are not resilient can’t bounce back. People who are not adaptable will fail.

Become your own source of stability.

When I started my very first business, I did it to acquire a sense of stability after a volatile year of joining a startup, being acquired, a layoff, spinning up a new startup, and more chaos.

I decided to take control of my future and create my own company to have some stability. I didn’t want my financial security in the hands of others. I didn’t want my career path tossing and turning with each corporate change.

Now, please don’t take this as a message to quit your job and leap into entrepreneurship without a plan. That’s not how you create stability.

Multiple columns of support

But, don’t just rest in your job and think that nothing will ever change either. Start building additional pillars of stability that are under your control.

  • Diversify your sources of income.
  • Create a financial cushion.
  • Forge a global network.
  • Build an independent career.
  • Be prepared and adaptable.

When change comes (not if), you will be ready. You will be able flow and adapt. When you become the center of your own stability, it will give you the sense of calm, confidence, and courage to succeed no matter how the world changes around you.

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