Give the Gift of a Career Boost!

Help someone you care about feel appreciated, happier, and more fulfilled in their job

  • Do you know someone who is feeling a bit stuck in their career?
  • Have they become frustrated with their job lately?
  • Do they have untapped potential and just need a little nudge to win that next promotion?
  • Are they smart and talented, but could use a little help preparing for a big interview to land a great new job?

You know that it would help if they could talk with a trusted career advisor, but you might not be sure where to begin.

I'm Dr. Larry Cornett, the founder of Brilliant Forge (learn more about me). I provide a gift package of a confidential one-on-one Career Power Hour call to discuss issues, provide feedback and guidance, and help someone you care about take the first steps in redefining their career to be happier and more fulfilled in their work.

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Included in the Gift Package


An initial survey to help me understand the situation and prepare for the call.

One-hour Call

A confidential call to discuss issues, provide feedback, and offer guidance for next steps.


Free membership in my private Facebook group for follow-up support.

Are you ready to give the gift of a career boost today?

Purchase a Career Power Hour call for them now!

How It Works

  • After you purchase the gift, you will receive a link for the gift recipient to schedule the call
  • The recipient uses the link to complete the survey and provide contact information
  • We connect and conduct our 1-hour confidential career call
  • Upon completion of the call I provide the recipient with a bonus membership in my private Facebook group for follow-up support and guidance
  • Your friend or loved one uses my feedback and guidance to make changes and get on the right path for more fulfillment and happiness in his or her work


Note: Upgrade to my one-on-one career consulting for a full engagement with me for personal discussions, customized feedback, and confidential guidance for your unique situation.


Andrew Sandler

Andrew Sandler

Director of Design at Groupon Merchant
“Larry has been the person that I've routinely turned to throughout the past decade, for frank, forthright, and illuminating conversations about where to take my career. He's been an insightful resource that's been through it all before me, with no other agenda than to help me get to the best place I can for myself. His compassion and candor help him point out when I'm being less-than-honest with myself - and in a way that makes it palatable to hear. Having Larry available as a trusted resource - and as a friend - has been a crucial part of my continued professional development."

Chetana Deorah

Chetana Deorah

Head of Design at Scribd
“Of the many 1:1s I had with him listening to our woes, expectations, aspirations, he was able to provide feedback that was real, honest and eventually I learnt over time actionable! In all these years he has consistently been bold, yet polite, accessible for advice or even just a conversation on topics of mutual interest. In the competitiveness of the Silicon Valley world, Larry has continued to be his own person while being there for others as a leader, a mentor, a guide. And now after all these years I couldn't be happier to see Larry take on the next adventure as a career and business coach, bringing together the best of all he has to offer and more. "

Polly Ng

Polly Ng

Director of User Experience at Shutterstock
“Larry is a source of calm when you need it the most. I’ve been lucky to have been managed by Larry at eBay and Yahoo, and he has given me unfiltered career advice, trends to look out for and even easy yet effective professional tips that has helped shape my professional life. I trust his guidance because he understands people's motivations and strengths and will go out of his way to help them achieve success."

More About Me

I'm Dr. Larry Cornett, a career advisor and the founder of Brilliant Forge. Over 7 years ago, I was feeling frustrated with my job and uncertain about the path ahead. So, I decided that it was time to reignite my career and find a way to do the work that I love.

Now I help others forge their own invincible careers by sharing the strategies I used to…

  • Land great jobs at IBM, Apple Computer, eBay, Yahoo, and other Tech startups during my 23 year career in Silicon Valley.
  • Get promoted 6 times in 6 years from an individual contributor to a Vice President at one of the largest internet companies in the world.
  • Create my own exit plan, start a business with clients waiting for me, and raise $1.3M in investment for my own startup.
  • Regain my freedom, happiness, fitness, health, and family relationships along the way.

Learn more about me and my background.

Larry Cornett
Larry Cornett

Are you ready to give the gift of a career boost today?

Purchase a Career Power Hour call for them now!

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