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Redefine your career, regain your freedom, and reclaim your life in 3 months

It's never too late to live the life you want

Plan Your Escape from the 9-to-5 Grind

Learn how I did it in my exclusive 3 month course with premium access to a step-by-step plan, professional guidance, weekly videos, easy-to-use resources, and a private support community.

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Included in My 3 Month Course


Exclusive videos are shared weekly for each of the core modules of the 3 month course.


Workbooks to capture critical information that will help you create your personal plan.


A number of useful checklists for planning your escape and finding a better job the right way.


PDF guides provided throughout the 3 month course that you can use as a reference.


My private Facebook group is available for additional guidance, feedback, and support.


Each week I will host live Q&A sessions with the group to answer any of your questions.

Course Overview

Month 1 includes

Assess your situation

What’s not working?

The Toolbox of You

What do you really want?

What is your calling?

Month 2 includes

Define your new path

Establishing expertise

Your new personal brand

Rebuilding your online presence

Your marketing strategy

Month 3 includes

Creating a powerful network

Finding new opportunities

How to sell yourself

Planning your escape

Your new world

Are you ready to invest in redefining your career and reclaiming your life?

Isn't it time for a career that doesn't make you dread Monday morning?

Can you imagine working in a job that fulfills you every day?

Don’t you deserve a meaningful career and a smile on your face every morning?

Do you want to maximize your career growth and earning potential?

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But, you feel trapped, stuck in a job you hate, and you don’t even know where to begin with planning your escape.

After escaping my own corporate executive job over 6 years ago, I know how hard it can be to break free…

You feel like you’ll never be appreciated, happy, or fulfilled.

You’re afraid to lose your status, identity, and progress in your career.

You feel pressure, stress, and urgency to make more money.

You’re wondering if you have the skills, knowledge, and talent to start over.

You may feel confused, uncertain, and overwhelmed about where to begin.

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Let me show you how to take the first step to change all of that.

The Brilliant Forge Course - Redefine Your Career and Reclaim Your Life

An exclusive 3 month course with premium access to a step-by-step plan, professional guidance, weekly videos, easy-to-use resources, and a private support community.

Private access to exclusive course material, videos, guides, workbooks, and more.

Live Q&A, group discussions, feedback, accountability, and support.

As a bonus, you will have full access to my private Facebook group.

Imagine if…

You had a step-by-step guide, a clear plan, and a way to safely explore new opportunities.

You rediscover what you really want, your amazing talents, and your core strengths.

You have a powerful vision, a meaningful mission, and can create your own legacy.

You define a new career path, leave a bad job behind, and never have to deal with your old boss again.

You control your own destiny, do what you love, and have a smile on your face every day.

You work on what you want, how you want, and are compensated appropriately from now on.

This will be your new life if you take the next step with me.

The Brilliant Forge Course is an exclusive members-only program for hardworking people with an independent spirit, who want to maximize their earning potential, create a new career path, and make a living doing what they love.

Are you ready to invest in redefining your career and reclaiming your life?

How It Works

My private membership group combines clear guidance and practical training with an exclusive community of other like-minded people. We understand exactly who you are, how you are feeling, and why you want to pursue a new path. We get it, because we have been there too! And, like you, we took this first step on the journey to creating a better career and life.

If you’ve been thinking about this for a long time, but have felt overwhelmed because you didn’t know where to begin, you will love the step-by-step process of The Brilliant Forge Course. The clear structure will walk you through how to plan your escape, define and exploring new opportunities, and create and grow your own legacy that will stand the test of time.

If you've wanted to do this, but have been sitting on the fence, our exclusive community will also provide the one key ingredient you’ve been missing: Accountability. There is nothing like working on your new future, side by side with other like-minded people who support you and cheer you on. We’ve all been there and we want you to break free and succeed too!

Check Out Everything You Get When You Join

  • Private access to the course and workbooks
  • Step-by-step guides for each part of your journey
  • Members-only videos provided to this community
  • Monthly Live Q&A sessions and discussions
  • A bonus membership in our private Facebook group
  • An accountability program
  • Support through the website, email, and group

Note: Upgrade to my one-on-one career consulting for private calls with me for personal discussions, customized feedback, and confidential guidance for your unique situation.

Take the first step today to change your career and life

Apply to join my 3 month group course to get the structured week-by-week guidance, feedback, and support you need to redefine your career and reclaim you life. 

* The current session is underway, but you can join the waitlist for the next course * 27 seats remaining

Save with a one-time payment of $2497

or make 3 monthly payments of $997


“Larry is a source of calm when you need it the most. I’ve been lucky to have been managed by Larry at eBay and Yahoo, and he has given me unfiltered career advice, trends to look out for and even easy yet effective professional tips that has helped shape my professional life. I trust his guidance because he understands people's motivations and strengths and will go out of his way to help them achieve success."
- Polly Ng, Director of User Experience at Shutterstock

“I can't say enough good things about working with Larry, both as a colleague and in a mentoring relationship. Larry has been the person that I've routinely turned to throughout the past decade, for frank, forthright, and illuminating conversations about where to take my career. He's been an insightful resource that's been through it all before me, with no other agenda than to help me get to the best place I can for myself. His compassion and candor help him point out when I'm being less-than-honest with myself - and in a way that makes it palatable to hear. Having Larry available as a trusted resource - and as a friend - has been a crucial part of my continued professional development."
- Andrew Sandler, Director of Design at Groupon Merchant

“I have known Larry for close to 10 years now starting as a UI Designer on his team at Yahoo! Search. From those early days of my career I have been fortunate to have him as my manager and one who gave being "boss" a fresh perspective! Of the many 1:1s I had with him listening to our woes, expectations, aspirations, he was able to provide feedback that was real, honest and eventually I learnt over time actionable! In all these years he has consistently been bold, yet polite, accessible for advice or even just a conversation on topics of mutual interest. In the competitiveness of the Silicon Valley world, Larry has continued to be his own person while being there for others as a leader, a mentor, a guide. And now after all these years I couldn't be happier to see Larry take on the next adventure as a career and business coach, bringing together the best of all he has to offer and more. I often find myself quoting anecdotes from my 1:1s with him to my design team members for the timeless, valuable sharing they have been."
- Chetana Deorah, Head of Design at Scribd

“I have worked with Larry for over a decade at previous companies like eBay and Yahoo, and he continues to impress me with his expertise in thought leadership, his personable and collaborative style, and reliability and integrity. I highly recommend Larry and look forward to working with him well into the future."
- Tom Tsao, Senior Vice President, Product Management, Design, and Analytics at eHealth

"Larry has been an invaluable consultant and advisor to our firm. His knowledge, experience and contacts have helped us move our company forward in ways that would have been impossible without his involvement. We continue to benefit from his guidance and I would not hesitate to recommend him.”
- Yvan Couture, CEO, Primal

We invited Larry to speak at Fluxible 2013 and couldn't be more thrilled with the outcome. He delivered an inspiring talk titled "Designing for Love & Money", about the tensions designers face in doing what they love professionally and serving the needs of business. Drawing on his deep experience as both designer and mentor, Larry helped everyone think through these issues and feel re-energized about their careers. He connected with the audience throughout the 2-day event, carrying the conversation forward and providing friendly encouragement -- so it's no surprise his talk was one of the highlights of the program."
- Robert Barlow-Busch, VP Experience Design, Demeure

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