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Podcast interview – The Journey of Work

Larry Cornett on The Manila Folder podcast

I was recently interviewed for The Manila Folder podcast. You can listen to the 30 min interview here. On this episode I sat down with Larry Cornett, Ph.D. and we talked about his work journey. Larry started his career at IBM and then moved over to Apple, while finishing his dissertation for a Ph.D. in…

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Presentation: The User Experience IS the Product Experience

The User Experience IS the Product Experience from Larry Cornett Presentation Transcript The User Experience IS the Product Experience, Product Management Conference, Larry Cornett, Ph.D. Overview The Power of Product Experience User-Centered Product Design (UCD) The Role of Product Management Product Success at eBay Q&A The Power of Product Experience Focus on UX matters It…

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Recap of Panel: Learn How to Sustainably Innovate or Be Left Behind

I moderated a great panel discussion on Sustainable Innovation yesterday on Focus. It was quite enlightening to hear insights from people who’ve been at larger companies like Facebook, Linkedin, eBay, and Yahoo; but have also been at smaller startups too. I raised the concept of “Compound Innovation” and wrote up some of my thoughts on…

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eBay Acquires RedLaser iPhone Barcode-scanner Application

eBay just announced today that they are acquiring RedLaser, an iPhone application that lets you scan barcodes on products in stores and do immediate price comparisons online. Product search on mobile devices has dramatically increased recently as a result of consumers being more price conscious and the improvements in smartphone technology. Buying RedLaser is a…

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