A step-by-step course that helps good people find great jobs by becoming more invincible in their careers


This course will show you how to forge a more Invincible Career that will let you call the shots in your work and life.

The step-by-step process helps you define who you are, your talents and strengths, what you really want in your life, what you want most for your career, how to demonstrate and be recognized for your expertise, how to build a more powerful network, how to break into the hidden job market, and how to find and land a great new job or promotion.

It includes:

  • Key themes for the career growth process
  • Weekly challenge activities based on those themes
  • Career guidance, job seeking advice, and work-related tips
  • Email reminders to check out the latest course content

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Your subscription will give you free access to the course, "Forging an Invincible Career," a $297 value. It includes weekly challenges based on monthly themes to break out of your comfort zone and take your career to the next level.

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