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Larry Cornett’s Patents

Well, that was kind of fun. Happened to notice the “Patents” section on my Linkedin profile and decided to look up my old patents. I definitely worked on some geekier products back then. Method of operating a graphical user interface to selectively enable and disable a datapath in a network United States 6,636,239 Issued October 21, […]

Virtuous cycle of love and money

Designing for Love and Money – Fluxible 2013

In this talk, Larry explores the battle between love and money as it applies to products, organizations, and even our own careers. Over the past 20 years, Larry has developed strategies to deal with this problem, both as an individual contributor and as an organizational leader. Regardless of where you happen to work, or in […]

Recap of Panel: Learn How to Sustainably Innovate or Be Left Behind

I moderated a great panel discussion on Sustainable Innovation yesterday on Focus. It was quite enlightening to hear insights from people who’ve been at larger companies like Facebook, Linkedin, eBay, and Yahoo; but have also been at smaller startups too. I raised the concept of “Compound Innovation” and wrote up some of my thoughts on […]

Why Do Businesses Fail to Successfully Adapt to Change?

Interesting infographic on GigaOM on why businesses are failing to successfully deal with disruption, competition, and change. Many of the reported causal factors will be quite familiar to anyone who has worked in a larger corporation. Although this highlights some of those factors, there isn’t much offered in terms of potential solutions to overcome these issues. Some […]

Learn How to Sustainably Innovate or Be Left Behind – A Free Event on Sep 28th

I will be moderating a panel on Sustainable Innovation on Sep 28th, 1–2 PM PST on It’s free, so check it out and join us! Summary We are all witnessing an increasing velocity of product and service innovation within the competitive landscape. Creating a sustainable process for successful innovation is now even more critical […]

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Optimizing Organizational Models to Foster Disruptive Innovation & Product Evolution

I feel a much longer post coming on about the topic of “optimizing organizational models”, but I wanted to share a few quick thoughts on the link between organizational models and innovation. Given the recent events at Yahoo, there has been much discussion about why the company continues to struggle and what can be done […]

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Why Do Startups Fail? An Analysis of 3,200 High-growth Technology Startups

I read a very interesting article on TechCrunch today about why startups fail. They shared data from research that Blackbox conducted for their Startup Genome project, which is trying to uncover what makes Silicon Valley startups succeed vs. fail. You can gain access to the free full report here. I highly recommend that you take […]

Developing Your Creativity and Innovative Thinking Skills

I answered an interesting question on Quora today about creativity and innovative thinking. I’ve encountered this question in its many forms several times over in my lifetime. I remember one of the earliest being when I was in high school. The principal and a few teachers formed a very small research committee that included 5 […]

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Shoshin Project Video Interview with Larry Cornett: Search Should Beware of Social Media

I was in NYC last week and had the pleasure of speaking with the folks from The Shoshin Project about the current trends within the Tech industry. Specifically, we talked a lot about the impact of social media and how it could potential disrupt traditional information retrieval (i.e., Web Search). I believe that social media’s […]